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The increasing level of insecurity in our jobs, relationships and kids lead most of us to turn towards astrology as a medium to not only predict our future, but also know ourselves as a human being. Debashish Goswami, have come up with the best advises on Rudraksha, gemstones, astrology, Horary and also Medical-Astro as the famous astrologer in Kolkata. In solving Love and Marriage problem he is especially famous for his different and modern ways to solve the problem.

Happy To Disturb - Jyotishi Sohini Sastri

Her area of expertise are marriage problems, legal and education problems. She counsels her clients to not only have faith in the stars but also upon themselves to achieve success.

Astrologer Dr. Cal is one of the hugely popular astrologers in Kolkata. His prediction regarding marriage matching and palmistry is truly commendable.

Best Astrologer in Kolkata

Having a more than 12 years of experience in the field of research in astrology, Sree Partha has many awards of international acclaim to his name. Famous astrology columnist of Graphiti, the Sunday Magazine of Telegraph was inclined to prove astrology was nothing except a whole lot of rubbish.

But what she took as a simple challenge opened to her a new world of stars and planets. Though she is a multi faceted lady with lots of jobs under her sleeves, she is actually a self confessed student of astrology. Learning the trick of the trade from renowned astrologer Dr Sunil Mukhopadhyay, he is the owner of Mahanam Vedic Kendra.

Best, Famous & Top Astrologer in Kolkata – South & North | Durgapur & Siliguri, West Bengal (WB)

Through this institution, Sambit Roy practises astrology though pure Vedic philosophy. A thorough knowledge on Vedic scriptures and a careful prediction have made him a sought after astrologer even among many celebrities of Kolkata.

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Even to our current times, we can see many organizations spending Billions behind understanding the space and the movement of the stars. So, why people are working since ancient times to current time to learn and understand stars movement and their effect on the earth and human or other living species of the world? The answer lies in our life.

From Education to Relationships, Astrologers Has the Answer for All Questions

If you see Purnima, Amabaysa and few other astrologically important days like a solar eclipse and few related to stars movement. We notice rise sea water to river water level due to these incidences. As our ocean and rivers get affected due to these effects we can not ignore the importance of astrology in our lives and how it is bringing change to many.

Following the importance it starting from Pyramid to temples were all made on the basis of stars location and earth axis and Geo location of that thing.

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